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zondag 15 september 2013

The Dwarven Helmet, part 2

In my previous post about the helmet, I talked about creating the shape and painting it. Now we're gonna continue where I left: adding the earpieces and neck protection.

The earpieces
I made the earpieces from foamboard, a very cool material to work with. It consists of a slab of foam plastic sandwiched between two layers of paper. I cut the basic shape out of it, the embossed details and glued them together. I also made the thingy that goes on the front of the helmet like this.

Painting was done the same way I painted other metallic-looking surfaces. A grey base color, shading with black and white, and a final finish with silver paint. Again, I forgot to take a picture...

Neck protection
Next up, the back of the helmet needed to be closed with some sort of neck protection. Gimli's helmet in Lord Of The Rings had a leather back, so that's what I used. I had some pieces of scrap leather lying around, and luckily they were big enough. I cut a piece to size (a bit too big, so I could trim it to exact size afterwards) and glued it to the inside of the helmet.

And then I got some help of my pal Herr Fritz! It's my girlfriends skeleton (well, not really her skeleton, but you know what I mean). She got it for school and it's been standing in our appartment ever since. Even though he would make a nice Halloween prop, we're never gonna use him for that because he was quite expensive. He's German, that's why we named him Herr Fritz.
I put the helmet on his head (with a towel underneath it, because there's a large bolt coming out of his skull) and glued the front piece to it. It's starting to look quite cool!

Attaching the earpieces
So now I had the helmet with the leather attached to it, all that was needed now was attaching the earpieces. I glued them to the leather, and to the helmet itself. I cut the excess leather away, and voila! It was ready just in time for Elf Fantasy Fair. Here you see the finished helmet modeled by Herr Fritz

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