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dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Radioactive barrels

No nuclear meltdown scene is complete without barrels full of radioactive goo! Here's how I made mine.

zondag 12 oktober 2014

Roadblocks, part 1

Allright, here's the first entry in this year's batch of Halloween props! Like last year, we're part of the haunt in the local zoo. Last year we did a graveyard, this year is going to be something completely different. I'm not gonna tell what, though!
Here are some things I learned last year:
  • Styrofoam and monster mud are great for static props, but not for stuff that will be transported. It's too fragile for that.
  • Unless you're good at acting and improvising, don't count on visitor participation.
The first thing I'm going to build is a set of roadblocks, wich will be placed at the start of our spot. The roadblock will consist of a raised boom barrier with a stop sign, and two portable barriers. This post will be about the boom gate. There will also be a some sort of sign next to it, but I'm not gonna build that yet, mainly because it would give away our theme...