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woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Bloody mutilated torso

Like the last three years, I will be part of the haunt at the local zoo. Our theme for this year will be a film museum, and one of the featured movies will be Hellraiser! One of my friends has a Pinhead costume, and I'm gonna build a bleeding, mutilated torso.

I had been searching for a mannequin doll for a long time, only to find out these thing, even used ones, are expensive as hell. A while ago, I found a torso for only 4 euros at a thrift store! Since a torso was all I needed, I didn't have to think twice about this!

vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

Twelve-Sided Mace

In my previous post, I showed how I built a battle axe out of EVA foam. It was the first time I made a weapon out of this stuff, and it turned out great. In fact, I already had some people ask me if I could build one for them! At this moment, I don't have time for that, but maybe in the future.
Anyway, the axe was for my girlfriend. We attended Elf Fantasy Fair as dwarves, and we both needed some kick ass weapons. For myself, I built something else: a mace. I used the same techniques I used for the battle axe, and the handle is pretty much the same, so I won't be talking about that.
The mace head is shaped like a 12-sided die, a nice reference to role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.