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zondag 7 september 2014

Reverse bear trap mask

This is gonna be a long post! For Elf Fantasy Fair in September, my girlfriend and I were thinking about costumes based on the Saw-movies. My girlfriend will go dressed as Billy (the creepy puppet). We tried to find a tricycle, but an adult sized one is expensive as hell. I decided to build one of the traps. My first idea was the Venus flytrap mask from the second movie, but that would turn out to be too cumbersome. So I went for perhaps the most iconic trap of the entire franchise: the reversed bear trap!
The trap will be built mostly from sheet plastic. Concern number one is trying to keep the weight down a bit, because I will be wearing it one my head most of the time. The second one is making sure it stays on without wobbling too much.
The pictures aren't taken in chronological order, so you'll see pictures of painted parts before I'm talking about painting.