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zondag 22 september 2013

Flashback: the jar of eyeballs

This is a prop I made a few years ago for a Halloween party. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the entire build, so I'll try to explain it as good as possible. Here's a list of materials I used:

  • Empty jar (I believe it contained pickles)
  • Pingpong balls
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glossy acrylic varnish
  • Images of irises, printed with a color laser printer
  • Fluorescent highlighter pen
  • Water
  • Syringe and needle
  • Fabric (pieces of an old T-shirt, I believe)
  • Short piece of rope

I started by making some veins on the pingpong balls with the hot glue gun. Next, I painted one side of the balls bright red, with some dark red for the veins. On the other side, I glued a printed iris. To make the entire eye as waterproof as possible, I applied a few coats of varnis. And it worked, because they have been sitting in water for a few years already and the paper irises are completely intact.

The eyes are in a jar filled with water, but of course they shouldn't float. I punched a small hole it them and filled them with water, using a syringe and needle. That way, they sink to the bottom. To make the water in the jar glow under a blacklight, I soaked the filling of a fluorescent highlighter pen in it. Works great!

I made two of these jars, each containing six eyeballs. To finish them, I put a piece of fabric over the lid and tied a piece of rope around it. I have used them several times, and people are always impressed by the effect.

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