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dinsdag 17 september 2013

Halloween is coming!

With Elf Fantasy Fair behind us, it's time to get started on the next project: Halloween! I haven't had much time to prepare anything yet, so I'll have to finish my props in a record amount of time.
Me and my friends are part of a Halloween event in a local zoo. Every year, the weekend before Halloween the entire zoo is turned into a gigantic haunt. Last year I participated for the first time, but we didn't have enough time to build a decent set. This year, I plan to build a basic set that can be expanded year after year. It will be a graveyard, so the first thing I'm gonna make is a set of tombstones. Next, some sort of entrance. Luckily, the zoo has a collection of props we can use, so we'll see what else we're gonna need.
I will also publish my projects on Instructables, as part of their yearly Halloween contest. They give away some cool prizes, I hope I win someting!

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