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Halloween props

These are the props I built for Halloween. Every year, we participate in the haunt at the local zoo. In 2013, we built a graveyard, and in 2014 a nuclear meltdown.

These were the first props I built, made from styrofoam and monster mud. They turned out ok, but they are quite fragile and got damaged quite a bit during transport.

Tombstones, part 1 
Tombstones, part 2 
Tombstones, part 3

Cemetary gate
This was part of the same act as the tombstones. It suffers from the same problem as the tombstones: too fragile to transport.

Cemetary gate, part 1
Cemetary gate, part 2
Cemetary gate, part 3

These props were part of our 2014 Halloween weekend. The theme was a nuclear meltdown, and this was the start of our zone.

Roadblocks, part 1 
Roadblocks, part 2

Radioactive barrels
Also part of the 2014 nuclear meltdown zone, made from cardboard drums.

Radioactive barrels

Plutonium rods 
No nuclear meltdown is complete without these!

Quick and easy plutonium rods

Bloody torso
A part of the 2015 movie-themed haunt, this was a true eye-catcher.

Bloody mutilated torso

Shrunken heads
Tiny human heads. Need I say more?

Shrunken head, part 1
Shrunken head, part 2

Gruesome severed heads
Grotesque, bloody, tortured, mutilated heads.

Severed heads

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