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zaterdag 6 december 2014

Roadblocks, part 2

Here's the waaay overdue second part of my roadblocks tutorial! Halloween was over a month ago and I still haven't gotten to it, shame on me! There are reasons for my lateness. First of all, I'm very busy, and second, I'm lazy as fuck when it comes to writing. The second part of this tutorial won't be too long or complicated, because it's just about two barriers and a sign.


  • Wooden sawhorses
  • Wood, 12 x 120 mm, 2 meters long
  • Paint (black, yellow, gray, red)
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic tie wraps
  • Piece of plywood (for the sign)
The roadblocks
First, the roadblocks. I used a 2 meter long wooden board I cut in half. First, I painted them yellow. At least, the front and all the sides. Two layers of paint before the color was ok. And after that: lots and lots of masking tape!

In fact, the masking tape took me more time than anything else! After it was all done, I took out my black paint and painted the black stripes on the boards. Immediately after that, I removed the tape. I never wait for the paint to dry, because I have had the paint peel off several times.

The back of the boards was painted gray, first because they weren't gonna be visible anyway and second because I still had a big bucket of gray paint.
The boards were mounted on cheap wooden sawhorses from the hardware store. I painted them gray as well, because they wood look stupid otherwise. And because of the big bucket of paint! I mounted the boards on them using plastic tie wraps.

The sign
Not too much can be said about this. I made it from an old table top I got from my neighbour. I painted it gray, and using masking tape (again, lots and lots of it) I first painted a radiation sign on it, and when it was dry, the text "Sector 7G".

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