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Cosplay props

Every year we visit Elf Fantasy Fair, an event held twice a year, once in April in Haarzuilen near Utrecht, and in September in Arcen (both in the Netherlands).

The dwarven hammer
This was the first costume prop I ever made. It turned out a bit bigger than I had in mind, but because it was made mainly from styrofoam it wasn't too heavy.

Dwarven hammer, part 1
Dwarven hammer, part 2
Dwarven hammer, part 3

The dwarven helmet
To go along with the gigantic hammer

Dwarven helmet, part 1
Dwarven helmet, part 2

Skull-topped warlock staff
A staff topped with a dragon skull, made from a soda bottle!

Dragon skull
Warlock staff

Reversed beartrap
The most famous trap of the Saw-movies! This was a really fun project. Made mostly from sheet plastic.

Reverse beartrap mask

Dwarven boots
My very first EVA foam project. Very uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour, so they probably won't get used much.

Dwarven boots

Battle axe
A Dwarven weapon I made for my girlfriend, and a prop I'm quite proud of!

Dwarven battle axe

12-Sided mace
Another EVA foam weapon, similar to the battle axe.

Twelve sided mace

Voodoo Hat
A voodoo priest's top hat

Voodoo priest hat

Skull mask 
An evil looking mask. Made to fit perfectly on my face, using a face cast.

Skull mask

Tiff's Axe
Tiff's guitar axe from the board game "Zombicide".

Tiff's Axe

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