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woensdag 26 oktober 2016

About cosplay and freaks

Last weekend, I went to Facts Convention in Gent, Belgium, with my wife. I bought some Back To The Future stuff, she bought some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and I got to meet Sean Astin.
The next day, an article about Facts was published in De Morgen, a newspaper that's considered one of Belgium's top newspapers. It made a lot of people angry. The author described cosplayers as "freaks" and "nerds", and generally mocked and made fun of the visitors.
I usually don't go to conventions in costumes, simply because the halls are too crowded and hot. I save the costumes for outdoor conventions, where I can carry around huge props. However, I can perfectly understand the outrage this article caused.
Most outsiders consider cosplay something childish, and I have had to endure my share of stupid jokes about my hobby. When you dress up as a character from movies, comics or games, or like to participate in haunts and scare the crap out of visitors, outsiders look at you as if you're someone who refuses to grow up.
However, when you wear shirts of your favourite football team, paint your face in the team's colors, collect sports memorabilia and watch games as if your life depends on it, you're considered a "devoted fan"? I personally don't give a rats ass about football. Even when the Belgian national team would play the world championship finals, I wouldn't watch the game and I still wouldn't give a single fuck.
I don't look down on people who watch football, though. Everyone has his hobbies and interests, and it's not because I don't give a crap about something that I think less of someone who doesn't feel the same way about it.

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