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zondag 5 januari 2014

Pacman's evil twin brother

One of my stupid new years resolutions: draw more this year! I already got started last december, so I thought I would show off the result a bit. I wanted to start with something simple: Pacman's evil twin brother! The idea behind this is a version of Pacman with large fangs, and hooks that pull his lips back. No complicated shapes, and quite symmetrical.
I started out with a 2H mechanical pencil on bristol paper. I chose this kind of paper because I wanted to ink the drawing, and it's very smooth, perfect for pens. After the first sketch, I drew the final shapes with a 2B pencil. Here's what it looked like at that stage:

With the pencil drawing done, it was time to start inking! I used a small dip pen and black acrylic ink. The reason for this is that after inking, I planned to color it using watercolors, and acrylic ink is water resistant. My girlfriend pointed out that the paper I used wasn't suitable for this and would probably be ruined, so I didn't go through with this.
I had never inked a pencil drawing before, and I soon found out it's not as easy as it looks! I started with a simple thin line over the pencil lines, and then made the lines thicker. This is the most time consuming part of the entire process, and here's the result:

Not too bad I think! At first, I wanted to use watercolors to color it, but since the paper I used wasn't really suitable for that, I decided to take a different approach. I scanned the drawing and colored it in Gimp (a free Photoshop-like program).
I used only two colors for the entire drawing, and relied on brush transparency for creating different tones. It took me a few hours of work to color the entire drawing. I think the final result looks quite cool:

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