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zaterdag 11 mei 2013

It's alive!!!

Here's the required opening post for new blogs. So what is Eyeballs Studio all about? A while ago, I made a few props for a Halloween party. I had never made anything like that before, but it turned out I'm not that bad at it. A few of those props I still have, others were a bit too crappy or flimsy, or simply took up too much space in my appartment and are gone now. After that, I started reading a lot about creating props. Ever since I met my girlfriend I also started going to conventions, and we both like to dress up (yep, my girlfriend is really really awesome). That means, making costumes, weapons and equipment myself! In this blog, I will showcase my works in progress and finished things. Perhaps I'll even sell things from time to time, through Ebay or Etsy. So expect a lot of pictures, howto's, perhaps a failed project from time to time!

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